A Note for Parents and Teachers

Alexander Adventures is a book series featuring broad comedy in the tradition of Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life and the Wimpy Kid Diaries.  Unlike the protagonists in those books, however, Alexander isn’t surrounded by madness: he is the madness.


He sees the world through fear, and his reaction to that fear is the core of all of his problems.

Alexander’s story begins with My Life at the Bottom of the Food Chain.  He believes that his middle school is full of danger: it isn’t. He believes that he’s a target of bullies: he isn’t. He avoids danger where there isn’t any, and then has a change of heart and confronts bullies—targeting innocent classmates as mortal enemies. He becomes the bully that he fears.

In Own the Scrawny, Alexander faces the consequences of his actions, and finds himself the target of cyber bullying. Ridiculed by faceless internet trolls, he attempts to change his image—with disastrous results. Then he discovers Colin, a mysterious new classmate who spends the entire school day isolated in the library. Learning that Colin was a real victim of bullying at his old school, Alexander reaches out to show him friendship.

Alexander’s newfound confidence is tested in My Epic Life. He can’t help but wonder: are his friends going crazy or is he? Fights, rivalries, girlfriends and jealousy are everywhere. Everything in his life is turning upside down and backwards. If that wasn’t enough to drive him over the edge, Alexander discovers that it’s not just everyone else that’s changing. He is, too.

Alexander Adventures is about facing, overcoming and triumphing over fear.

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